The top five things no one tells you about choosing your wedding dress.

Now that you have THE ring, it’s time to find THE dress.   I know that feeling all too well, excitement coursing through your veins, the hunt is on to find the perfect wedding dress.

But wait! Take it from an expert in this field.  Dress fitting can be both fun, yet daunting and your excitement can soon lead to total despair.

For most brides, this will be your first wedding and the first time you will be shopping for a wedding gown. To avoid any unnecessary drama and dare I say it, finding yourself two weeks before your big day with a dress you hate (or worse, dress – less), here are my top five secrets no one ever tells you about dress shopping. Call it “the insider’s secret”.

Top five things no one tells you about choosing your wedding dress

The top five things no one tells you about choosing your wedding dress.

  1. Only nearest and dearest allowed at your fitting.

  2. Just as the saying goes “too many cooks spoils the broth”, the very same can be said for dress fittings.  With a huge enough crowd to fill the entire boutique, the opinions of everyone else will leave you confused and you may find yourself swaying to someone else’s idea of the perfect dress, rather than  your own.
  3. The only family members / friends present at the time of your fitting would be an honest person (to tell you the truth) and a sensitive person (to keep your spirits and confidence up).
Fitting on a Wedding Dress
Wear the correct undergarments.
  1. Wear the correct undergarments.

  2. It may be a good idea to get yourself fitted before venturing out to bridal shops.  A poorly fitted bra will definitely affect the way a dress fits your upper body, I will even go so far to say that an ill-fitting bra can dramatically change the look of a dress.
  1. Do the “aisle test” – with your shoes!

  2. There is nothing worse than being completely uncomfortable on your wedding day.
    It’s therefore vitally important that you fit the complete package, dress, veil and shoes and pretend to walk down the aisle.  Go ahead, twirl, shimmy, sit, walk, crouch, jump! If you feel comfortable enough to do all of these things and still feel completely gorgeous – you may have a strong contender in that dress.
Wear your wedding dress shoes
Get help from your bridal consultant
  1. Never Underestimate your Consultant.

  2. This one should be a “no-brainer” yet brides seem to forget that bridal consultants have experience in wedding dresses. They know what they are taking about. Your consultant listens to what you want and matches it to your body. Think of it as your very own fairy godmother.
  1. Shop sooner, rather than later.

  2. Even though you may feel that you have several months left to purchase your dress, PLEASE, do not make the mistake of leaving your purchase until the last minute. Always allow for sufficient time for alterations should your weight change during the run up to the wedding day. No one likes a bride who broke out in hives because of stress!

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Written by Simoné Köhler

Shop sooner rather than later.

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